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I have started to publish a personal blog for family and friends to describe my adventures in this new stage of my life in America. Feel free to visit and comment, but it will only be published in Spanish.
Visit my blog - May 23, 2008

Current Activities

Since January 2008 I have started working at Microsoft and thus I have relocated to Redmond, Washington. I am happy at starting this new adventure, and am looking forward at my future here. I will probably post more information about this as it develops.

Masters Degree

I now hold a Masters Degree in Computer Science, with a specialization in a subject I really love: Computer Graphics. In the following sections you can find information about the work I developed during my studies.

Masters Degree Thesis

Efficient Estimation of Illumination in High Density Scenes
Thesis file (in Spanish)  modified: September 12, 2004

Various Experimental Results

Indirect Illumination Calculation for Irradiance Cache - February 11, 2005

LOD animations for Hierarchic Illumination - November 11, 2004

LOD in Hierarchic Illumination for Photon Mapper   - October 28, 2004

Hierarchic Illumination for Photon Mapper  - Cornell Box

Open Sky Illumination in Photon Mapper 

Past and current Projects

Plant Editor - A program to generate tree and plant models for use in our Photon Mapping system
LAGI Modeler - A system for generating, dressing and animating human-like 3D models.